So this site is about…

planting seeds

With a wide variety of experiences, comes a perspective and way of things a bit differently than any kind of established norm. In the past this has led to creating things, or applying to work for a company that had the right kind of feeling to it. 

Now with the diagnosis of cancer, autoimmunity, plus obesity increasing. Even more disturbing is the level of anxiety in our youth. I am transitioning from being a casual storyteller that talks only if someone is asking to stepping into my story being important, and worth spreading the knowledge I have gained because if I can help, I want to.

Excited to see watch these seeds grow,

Kristin Bennett

Lately I’m working on…

I have always been up to a lot of things, and I am proud to say I have narrowed down how many interests I am participating in somewhat, you can see more info below.

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I would love to you who you are and how I can help you! I’m digging through prior  chapters in life while exploring some of the latest good news I have found. Of course if you already know me and want me to hurry up and get started on a particular
topic, this is how you can let me know so that I can get started!